Tyre Cash Back Contest (TCBC) Terms & Conditions

*The Tyre cash Back Contest  herein after referred to as TCBC.
*TCBC is a contest , and winners of the contest will be decided by the management of M/s Web Auto Resources Pvt. Ltd. and their decision is final.
*Participants in the TCBC must send a legible picture of the invoice / bill for tyre/s purchase by them for any passenger car or motorcycle.
*The picture must indicate the following information clearly:
1. About the tyre dealer / seller- their name, address and telephone number.
2. About the tyre-The tyre brand ( For example Apollo, bridgestone etc.)and the tyre size.
*Also please send us your name and the Car model / Motorcycle model for which you have purchased the tyre.
*The TCBC contest is managed and operated by Web Auto resources Pvt. Ltd., and the tyre dealer / seller has no responsibility of any form or type in this matter.
*All the entries with clear information as requested above ,received by the end of May 2020 will be eligible for participation.
*This is a contest which will reward a limited number of participant/s , not all participants will receive the cash back reward.
*The winner/s will be contacted by telephone and the cash back amount will be sent through banking or mobile wallet channels to the winner/s by 15th June 2020.
Web Auto Resources Pvt.Ltd. is not responsible for any claims or loss suffered by any participant directly or indirectly in connection with the TCBC contest.