Buy tyres for Mahindra E2O under Rs. 2200 (155/70R13)

Question: What is the tyre pressure for Mahindra E2O?

Answer: 32 psi

Question: What is the tyre size for Mahindra E2O  ?

Answer:155/70 R 13.

Indian market is flush with tyre brands especially in hatchback segment where there are lot of cars fighting for the consumer attention. Customers are constantly searching for value deals when it comes to replacing their car tyres. If the car model is old, they are definitely not in a mood to spend on premium tyres. They want their tyres to be cheap without of course compromising on basic must have features. However trying to identify the right choice of tyres is always difficult for an average consumer but not so difficult for our tyre experts who can quickly scan the market and pick some value deals for the customers. Hence,was born the concept of doing series on “Value Deals on Tyres”. The car which we picked up was Mahindra E2O which has an OE size fitment of 155/70 R 13. In case you prefer watching a video on the subject you can click the link below or else read on.

After we zeroed down on the car model the challenge was to identify the sweet spot for the price – the levels at which the tyres for E2o turn into an irresistible deal. After an extensive deliberations and cross checking the retail market our experts recommended that anything below Rs.2200/- makes the price an excellent deal.

So here are the best 3 in this category strictly in alphabetical order:

Achilles Platinum – 122: This tyre comes from a company called Multistrada, a tyre company from Indonesia. In India they sell under their flagship brand called Achilles. For Go, they have a pattern called Achilles PLATINUM/122. The highlight of this tyre is safety as it has a good wet and dry grip. The comfort of tyres under this category is generally not good as sidewalls are little stiff to protect it from cuts and this is true for Achilles Platinum too. The tyre in Indian retail market sells at around Rs.2200/-.

Kenda KR23: Kenda is a Taiwanese tyre company that has been in this business for more than 50 years, their production facilities are in Taiwan,Mainland China and Vietnam. Of the three this tyre is priced cheapest and retails in market around Rs. 1900/-. The tyre has a nice looking pattern, is good for city driving, with decent dry grip but with an average wet grip. It also gives a relatively comfortable drive, with a slightly high noise factor.

Nexen CP661: Nexen is a 1.3 billion dollar company from South Korea established in the year 1942 with exports to more than 120 countries. Nexen CP661 lives up to the standards one expects from the most Korean products –durability, functionality without frills – it also has a good grip in dry and wet road conditions. In the Indian retail market it is priced between Kenda  and Achilles and is great value for money buy.