Buy tyres for Hyundai i20 (185/65R15)

Question: What is the tyre pressure for Hyundai i20 ?

Answer: 30 psi for comfort,35 psi for fuel economy

Question: What is the tyre size for Hyundai i20 ?

Answer: 185/65R15.

Tyre Times is always thinking a step ahead in the market and is committed to its goal of helping the regular tyre customers be more aware of the product the product they will be buying for their vehicle.

With the help of some extensive market research & after acquiring thorough product knowledge from industry experts, Tyre Times brings to you the 3 best tyres for your vehicle.Chances are, if you are reading this, you have landed on a page that either lists your vehicle or a recommended tyre for your vehicle. So go ahead &read the review on which are the 3 best tyres for your i20.

Bridgestone B290: Bridgestone 290 is a part of the company’s mainstream portfolio. This tyre is specially made for the Indian market to tackle poor road conditions. A successor to Bridgestone’s popular B250 range the B290’s ultra-efficient trade design delivers outstanding traveling dynamicsand better water dispersion.

The B290 provides excellent breaking on wet surfaces & very good breaking on dry surfaces.The tyre pattern is designed to create less noise while providing excellent ride quality. This tyre has superior tyre life & is fuel efficient. A perfect addition to our list.

Conti comfort contact cc5: A result of countless man hours spent onits testing & R&D this tyre is manufactured using advanced silica compound, a lightweight & durable compound that gives this tyre better tyre mileage & efficient fuel consumption among others. The tyre is equipped with a noise breaker made using Conti Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology.Which, helps in reducing tyre noise while driving. The CC5 performs brilliantly in dry and wet road conditions & exceeds our expectations when it comes to tyre handling. Another perfect addition to our list.


Goodyear Assurance Triplemax: According to Goodyear Assurance TripleMax is the first tyre to have Goodyear’s latest Hydro grip Technology which, reduces breaking distances by more than two meters on wet roads. The technology was demonstrated at the F1 test track at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. In addition to that the functionalized polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding gives this tyre an extra edge when it comes to tyre grip on dry & wet surfaces. This tyre provides good fuel efficiency owing to its low rolling resistance. The tyre also provides some great mileage when it comes to the life of the product and is a well-deserved addition to our list.