Buy tyres for Chevrolet Tavera under RS. 3900 (205/65 R 15)

It is no secret that thetyre replacement market in India is the next big stopover for all the majornational & International tyre manufacturers & everyone is ready tostake their claim on this ever expanding continuously growing market or atleast a piece of it. But, what about the consumers? It is no secret that anaverage Indian consumer more often than not is price conscious while at the sametime expecting a top quality product. For an average tyre customer it becomes avery tedious task to identify the right choice of tyres. Tyre Times as we allknow is always trying to stay a step ahead when it comes to the industry &with the help of our tyre experts, who can quickly scan the market and picksome value deals for the customers, we came up with the idea of a video serieson “Value Deals on Tyres”.

The tyres that we aregoing to show you today are for the Chevrolet Tavera which come with an OEfitment size of 205/65 R 15.

As always the challengefor us is to identify the price point where you – the customer gets greatvalue, without compromising on basic features of the tyres- an exhaustive checkrevealed that a tyre under Rs.3900 would make an excellent deal.

Options from Indian tyrecompanies were also filtered through the cost parameter. However, none of theIndian brands made the cut as the lowest in this category retails at around Rs.4500/-. We thereafter moved over to researching on internationally renownedtyre brands to discover options which apart from providing great quality alsoqualifies through our tough price challenge.

So here are the best 3 in this category strictly in alphabetical order:

The first tyre we haveselected is Giti Wingro. Giti Tire is a Singaporean company and counts amongthe top 15 largest tyre companies in the world. Giti Tire is known for itsfocus on R&D- with research centers in Europe, Asia & U.S.A. It employsa whopping 600 engineers in its research efforts.

To someone who isuninitiated into Giti brand, the company has some great O.E.M tie ups with someof the largest global automotive manufacturers. It boasts of 8 manufacturingplants all over the world, makes more than 5 crore tyre per year, has more than65,000 retail outlets all over the world and is now building a new factory inU.S.A.

Giti Wingro: Giti Wingro stands out as being a strong and durabletyre, especially made for rough Asian roads like what we have in India.  The tyre has a great wet traction whichimplies that it will brake nicely and not skid in wet conditions. The tyre alsoshows good overall flexibility which translates into good drive comfort. Thiswe noticed has been made possible by ️balancingbead and belt components through good profile and structure design. Please takenote that Giti Wingro comes with ISI mark and a 3 years warranty from the dateof manufacturing. This tyre retails in India at Rs. 3500/- and ticks all theboxes which makes Giti Wingro a great value for money buy.

Bottom line – This tyre can be thoroughly trusted.

The second tyre in ourlist is from kumho Tyres – a South Korean company which again counts among thetop 15 tyre companies in the world. Kumho also has multiple manufacturinglocations all around the world and like GITI is in advance stage of startingits manufacturing plant in USA. The pattern which made it to our list is calledKumho Solus KH15.

Kumho Solus KH 15: When we studied this tyre, what caught our eyewas tyre’s center and shoulder block design- it looks good, is utilitarian andis designed to provide good resistance against aquaplaning which translates toa good wet grip.

Tyre options in this sizegenerally come with strong durability quotient and Solus KH15 will also notdisappoint you on this front. The tyre also comes with an impressive V speedrating which means that the tyre is suitable for high speed driving too. LikeGITI wingro, Solus KH 15 also comes with ISI Mark and is sold in India with 3years warranty from the date of manufacturing. The tyre retails in India atRs.3500/- which again makes this tyre too a good value for money buy.

The third tyre whichmakes to our list is from NANKANG- a Taiwanese tyre manufacturer. The companyis not as large as the two earlier names but is known for great qualityproducts and is the brands is characterized by sporty designs. The pattern wehave selected for you in this category is XR611 and comes with H rating.

Nankang – XR611: We noticed that Nankang has added angled treadblocks to go along with four circumferential grooves which in our opinion isdesigned to maintain traction on wet road surfaces and delivering increasedresistance to hydroplaning. This implies that this tyre too will break verynicely on wet roads. We also liked the Siping Design. This in our experiencewill give the tyre multiple biting edges for increased grip and improved brakeperformance on dry, wet and even snow covered roads.

This tyre also gives aquieter ride which has been made possible by variable pitch tread sequence.  Like the other two brands cited earlierNankang also has designed this tyre to be durable and suitable for Indianroads. This tyre also comes with an ISI Mark and retails in Indian market ataround Rupee 3300 /- .

We hope that this reviewwill serve you well the next time you go out into the market to buy tyres foryour Tavera.