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Question :How to improve the LOOKS and HANDLING of your car ?

The answer is Tyre upsizing !

Increased performance and visual impact is something that gets ignored by most car manufacturers. Since they have to offer a product that primarily has accountants delivering a cost based pricing proposition rather than a value based pricing proposition , upsizing is an afterthought .

Most of us who love their ride would agree that size matters and gets noticed-and therefore tyre upsizing is a necessity and not a luxury.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

We are giving below some of the pros and cons of tyre upsizing :

  • A tyre with wider tread area gives more surface area contact with the road. This results in more grip and therefore better stability and handling.This makes them suitable for drivers who often get a chance to go on longer trips at higher speeds relative to normal city driving.
  • A shorter sidewall adds hardness to the ride-a car with good shock absorbers would negate the impact of this point.
  • A longer sidewall on thin tyres gives a more comfortable ride.
  • A tyre with narrower tread area gives less friction due to lower contact surface to the road , this implies better mileage and is ideal for city driving at low speeds.
  • A tyre with narrower tread area is more economical to buy.
  • A tyre with narrower tread area has less weight and therefore gives better acceleration especially at lower gear ratios.
  • The steering response is better in tyres with narrow tread area relative to tyres with wider tread area , especially at low speeds.
  • A wide tread tyre with short side walls is a fashion statement that says you have arrived.

Basic facts about tyre upsizing:

Only upsize the tyres , while you retain the same rim that came as O.E. fitment Upsize the tyres and increase the rim size to another that is being made by the OE manufacturer Upsize the tyres and change from a regular rim to flashy alloy wheels- this being the most costly option.

We would like to put a word of caution here – don’t go overboard , the idea is optimize the looks without exhausting your credit card limit and also without putting your car and yourself at risk.An equilibrium between looks , price , comfort and performance is a very personal choice.