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MRF ZV2K Tubeless

MRF ZV2K Tubeless

P 165/80R 14 85S

MRF ZV2K Tubeless MRF ZV2K Tubeless
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Product Description


  • Supple sidewalls for comfort and reliability
  • Outstanding traction and responsive braking capability
  • Optimum traction and a smooth, quite ride
  • Special polymer compound provides long-term evenCarcass incorporates supple sidewalls
  • Deeper tread grooves in an optimised tread design
  • Tread deign features higher sipe
  • Density and computerised tread pitch Sequence
  • Premium all-season tread compound tread wear

Additional Information

Tyre Width 165
Aspect Ratio 80
Construction Type R
Rim Diameter 14
Load Rating 85
Speed Rating S

REVIEWS Overall Rating : 3.5 out of 5 23

Good quality tyres but some time car is jumpping
Maruti Swift VDI ABS
4.58 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Excellant tyres after milage of 56000 still45% tread remains to use
3.92 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Car Tyre r very good if u drive carefully. I normally drive at optimal speed as per road conditions with a monthly average of 2000 Km .I had drove 56000 km without any problem .Worth for price as Tyre age r nearly 70000 km.& I bought three new today from ggn & fetched good price for old Tyres.
Swift Desire VDI, 2012
3.67 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Tyre is very good as per my experience because its recommended that after 50000Km tyre needs to change but till now i used 68000km for same company fitted tyre and its working fine anyhow,,, but now time comes to change it immediately basis without taking any risk of lives.
But for me its good as per my past experience.
3.67 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Not worth buying, I got MRF ZV2K with My Swift Dezire VDi 2012 model. My daily running is approx 20-25 KM. Once i was travelling to Pune from Mumbai, after reaching Pune i felt low pressure in front left side tyre. I reach to a local Hawa wala and check; i found that it is punture and after checking we found with 18 puntures and valve broken. It costed me around 2000 Rs.
I replaced that tyre with stapny. After few months, i felt that little vibrations on reaching 90-100, but not sure what happended. So i visited a local garage and found that tyre has cut n break, it has been twisted and Steel wire has come out of the rubber, so not fit for use.
Seriously I feel that its a huge risk to run with MRF ZV2K tyres.
Buy on your own risk.
Swift Dezire VDi, 2012
2 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
I have had these tires from when I bought the car last September. Since then have done a few trips to Bangalore and Coimbatore and also around Maharashtra from Pune. I can't really complain about the tires considering the surfaces I have driven on, albeit only short distances in Masinagudi and Ooty. I have clocked 13K kilometres. The other day on a local runaround I felt the steering a bit heavy so stopped by a 'Hawawala' to check the pressure. Literally few seconds of filling and he said that it has a puncture. That was fine considering the road conditions now due to the weather I was OK until we found that there were 9 punctures in total and seriously damaged valve. Not sure if there was any foul play involved. But I was shocked by the some of the places the tyre was punctured in; like few on the sides.
My intention is not pass this as a negative comment, but I wanted to put this in the public domain to get any feedback from the experts out there.
Maruti Swift VXi, 2013
3.58 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
swift LDI, 2008
3 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
  • Tyre Noise
  • Braking in wet conditions
  • Braking in dry conditions
  • Ride Comfort
  • Stability On turns
Very worst Tyre can not used more

I have company fitted MRF Tyre with only 11000 run there are three Tyre punctured in out side vertical cut co will not take resposibility for this vertical cut
Swift VDI, 2013
2.17 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
had purchased all 4 tyres for R14 swift vehicle.. they are giving some slight sound .they and are not worth buying just because they are cheap, 3 grand each. One of my tyres burst on braking on a not so bumpy road. my recommendation go for wide bridgestone or other tyres.. MRF quality is not so good as before. they are worthless piece of sh*** . i have my colleque who purchased tyres from Siddhart Panaji taleigao circle. he didnt get a replacement on a brand new tyre. they are very delicate on the side walls. if you buy them you are duped.. fuckers dont give replacemnt.
think right, watch the reviews and spend once and for all a little extra, it might hurt your pocket but dont go for ZV2K.
2.25 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
wonderful, done 87600 with company fitted.
Again going for the same.
Swift VXI 1.3, 2009
3.83 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
3.5 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Suddenly one rear tyre inside wires were visible in one portion at 56000 kms. Quite surprising but reality. Driving Car for 8 years not observed such tyre issue.
SWIFT LDi, 2010
3.5 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
good tyres i am using for my swift 71000 km already comleted
marui swift vdi, 2012
4.33 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Excellent Tyre... completed 60000 KMS ... planed to change the same
Swift VDI, 2007
3.75 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
nice tyre but problem is with treads in rural conditions....even after 38000km treads are no more with my car...breaking is many punctures as i drove it in rural conditions....
figo diesel, 2011
3.25 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
good grip
4.75 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
this tyres are very excellent iam using this tyre 60000 + kms
ford figo titanium diesel, 2011
5 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
This is a pretty good tyre using since last 12000 KM's, compared to JK's in my previous swift ZV2K tyres are far better. Breaking/ride/handling is very good only the problem is noice after 110 kmph other than that no issues, one puncture due to a big nail for this cant blame tyre manufacturer.
Maruti Swift Dzire, , 2012
3.75 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
DO not buy this tyre. I got this in my ford figo diesel. All the tyres coming with model are poor in quality. both rear tyres got burst (non in condition to use now) just after 4 days of purchase. Think 100 times before you purchase this. And for warranty MRF has got 1000 reason for not to give same with xyz reason.
1 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Best Tyre for SX4 in low range, i will say value for money as i had changed it from JK , finding vehicle performance improved a lot , like
1.Braking more good in wet then of dry.
2. Silent feature till 120 KM after it u feel the noise .
3. Stability at high speed is good .
4. Off road drive also we can say good .
5. Recommed and relaible on long routes .
SX4 ZXI, 2010
4.33 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Value for money ...Just finished 80000K , I have absolutely abused the tyres , there has been only 4 puntures till date and those also in the last 5 months.

Certainly has more noise on highway but will stick to MRF for Indian roads
3.25 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
I have these tyres on my swift dezire. No problems with them. No punctures too even after 30000 Kms. However I have noticed that there is a tyre noise at little higher speeds which can be bit irritating. Ride comfort is ok in city driving but on highway on longer drives it can be bit cumbersome. recommended for city driving.
swift dezire
3.5 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
Had done 60000 km with these tyres on my swift vdi with complete satisfaction.
swift vdi /2009, 2009
3.83 5
MRF ZV2K Tubeless P 165/80R 14 85S
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