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French company Michelin is the world's largest Tyre manufacturer with a reputation of manufacturing cutting edge technology products. With Michelin tyres on your car you can be assured of the best possible safety standards and performance from your tyres. The company entered into Indian market almost a decade ago and imports its PCR tyres from its plants in South East Asia and China. The company’s new TBR plant in India is about to start manufacturing operations. Hence in India the company has tubeless car radials, bike radials and truck and bus radials in its product range. Some of the company’s passenger car radial brands are Primacy LC, Pilot Sport and Energy XM2. All these varied models of Michelin are available here. Choose your model and order directly at the website. After this, these tyres can be delivered either at one of our fitment centres or at your doorstep. You can be assured of the best possible market prices while shopping with us. 

    ENERGY XM1+   (Tubeless)
    The Michelin Energy XM1+ tubeless tyre features an innovative tread compound with full silica technology which significantly improves the longevity of the tyre by preventing rapid tyre wear and delivers low rolling resistance. Michelin Green X label on the sidewall guarantees a level of energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Buy the best Michelin Energy XM1+ car tyres at low prices in India.
  • Energy XM2
    Energy XM2   (Tubeless)
    The Michelin Energy XM2 tubeless tyre runs more by up to 15 % as compared to a previous generation Michelin Energy Tyre. The Energy XM2 tyre saves more fuel thanks to a reduction in rolling resistance, has a firm grip which helps to reduce the braking distance and thus contributes to reducing mishaps and recuperating safety. This tyre's tread compound with Alternative Bridging Technology enhances the rigidity of tread blocks thus preventing rapid tyre wear. Buy the best Michelin Energy XM2 car tyres at low prices in India.
    LATITUDE CROSS   (Tubeless)
    The Michelin Latitude Cross tubeless tyre is a multi-purpose SUV tyre that delivers the traction of an off-road tyre and the comfort of an on-road tyre, with exceptional mileage. Off-road, the Mud Catcher tread pattern delivers more grip on surfaces, such as wet grass, dirt roads and mud, high resistance to gravel abrasion. On the highway, Latitude Cross tyre is quieter. The Michelin Latitude Cross tyre's unique curved tread block design with a greater number of biting edges per block to decrease noise emissions and enhance wet and snow performances. Buy the best Michelin Latitude Cross car tyres at low prices in India.
    LATITUDE TOUR HP   (Tubeless)
    The Michelin Latitude Tour HP tubeless tyre is an all season tyre that gives you maximum comfort, and it lasts longer thanks to combination of rigid tread pattern, with a supple construction that provides even pressure distribution in the contact patch. StabiliGrip self-locking sipes gives the Latitude Tour HP safety in the wet without compromising the performance in the dry conditions. Crisp steering and stability at high speeds is provided by precisely placed polyester and aramid/nylon filaments (FAZ Technology) under the tread. Buy the best Michelin Latitude Tour HP car tyres at low prices in India.
    PILOT PRECEDA PP2   (Tubeless)
    Pilot Preceda combines ultimate sport performance with unparalleled wet handling capabilities for heavy monsoon weather conditions. Large blocks on the exterior shoulder increase the amount of rubber in contact with the road for good dry handling while Formula G, a specifically blended hybrid silica compound, drastically improves grip in the wet. In addition it delivers higher precision whilst cornering, exceptional responsiveness and more stability. These attributes are requirements of modern drivers who demand peak handling yet still value a smooth ride.
    PRIMACY LC   (Tubeless)
    The Michelin Primacy LC tubeless tyre is a high performance tyre which absorbs driving noise and reduces your fuel bill. Michelin Green X marking guarantees reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, while offering all the advantages of Michelin tyres in terms of durability and safety. “Silent Rib” Technology, gives Primacy LC, the intermediate ribs consistent rigidity around the circumference of the tyre, thus minimising any vibrations that cause noise. Buy the best Michelin Primacy LC car tyres at low prices in India.
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